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Ubuntu 18.04系統內的Prometheus太舊(2.1),加上沒有適合的PPA可以用,這邊使用官方的binary安裝:

cd /tmp; wget; tar zxvf prometheus-2.16.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz; cd prometheus-2.16.0.linux-amd64; sudo cp prometheus promtool tsdb /usr/bin; sudo mkdir /etc/prometheus; sudo cp prometheus.yml /etc/prometheus/; sudo cp -R consoles/ console_libraries/ /etc/prometheus/; sudo useradd -r -U prometheus; sudo mkdir /var/lib/prometheus; sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /var/lib/prometheus; echo -n "[Unit]\nDescription=Prometheus Time Series Collection and Processing Server\\\n\n[Service]\nUser=prometheus\nGroup=prometheus\n\nType=simple\n
ExecStart=/usr/bin/prometheus --config.file /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml --storage.tsdb.path /var/lib/prometheus/ --web.console.templates=/etc/prometheus/consoles --web.console.libraries=/etc/prometheus/console_libraries\n\n[Install]\" | sudo tee /lib/systemd/system/prometheus.service; sudo systemctl daemon-reload; sudo systemctl enable prometheus; sudo service prometheus start