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This side projects page contains what I do/did outside work.

Dehydrated PPA repository, to allow easier installing on Ubuntu.
Dehydrated is an ACME client, like Let's Encrypt's certbot, which can request & renew SSL certificates. (retired)
The source code of (2003-2013[1]), an NNTP-based service to allow users eaiser to manage posts between BBS boards. Mostly written in PHP & Perl.
An Google Chrome extension to stop smooth scrolling via JavaScript.
Convert some services (without RSS/Atom support mostly) to Atom feeds. Written in Django (Python).

Personal stuffs
Ansible playbooks to manage my cloud & VPS hosts.
My dotfiles, e.g. for Bash, Zsh and Vim.
SmokePing settings to monitor network and service status.
An WordPress plugin to support accesskey shortcuts in editor interface.
Pollute HashiCorp Vault secrets to environment variables so that the application can follow The Twelve Factors.
Vaulte's PPA repository, to allow users easier to install Vaulte on Ubuntu.


  1. (2003~2013). 2013-09-21 [2021-03-07] (中文(臺灣)). 

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